MS Power BI Megha Mart Analysis

Welcome to MS Power BI Megha Mart Analysis. Another project in the Power BI Journey.

MS Power BI Megha Mart Analysis . A five page report where we have used bar chart, tree map, donut chart, map, matrix, Decomposition tree, and many others. It is a detailed analysis of Megha mart sales.

Data collected from Kaggle in CSV form. Extracted data to the Power query in MS Power BI. Here we generally do ETL process that stands for extract, transform, and load. But before doing ETL process lets understand the needs of the client in the report.

Needed in the MS Power BI Megha Mart Analysis :

Brand wants to know:

  1. What are the total sales ?
  2. Where the sales are greatest ?
  3. Where the sales are lowest ?
  4. Which products are sold the most ?
  5. Which products are sold at lowest ?
  6. Top 5 countries where sales are the highest?
  7. Products sold the most via decomposition tree
  8. Country sold the most products via decomposition tree
  9. Total profit, discount, sales, and Quantity
  10. Quantity and Products
  11. Customers and Sales

ETL Process

As we extract data in CSV file, do the transformation. Now we will reach the query editor. Here we have to clean the data accordingly.

Once ETL process is done. Check the data modeling. it should be in right form otherwise it will give wrong result in report.




Final Report:

Check the final report on MS Power BI Megha Mart Analysis.











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