MS Power BI Crypto Analysis

Hi there, here is another project MS Power BI Crypto Analysis. Here I have used the forecast option of power BI. You can see that this is a three pages report where you can check the Highs, averages, and lows of the different cryptocurrencies.

Check out the video: MS Power BI Crypto Analysis

Tools are used:

  1. MS Excel
  2. MS Power BI

Data View

After cleaning or transforming the data, it looks like it. This is where you get the Data after the ETL process in the right form.

If the Data view is showing any error it would be very hard to go further with the Data model. and the right data model is necessary for the right report view.

Data Model

There is only one table that is why there was no such a problem to make the Data model in MS Power BI Crypto Analysis. Here it looks like:


Final Report

  1. Overview:

Here are 3 years of Crypto data. On which basis, we try to know the Highs and lows of the crypto in years. Also tried to get forecasts to make a maximum fortune out of it.



2: Highs and Lows:

Mainly there are six cryptocurrencies in the dataset that have had different ups and downs in these three years. Market cap and volume are also mentioned in the chart.

3: Open and Close Date

Here you will get the maximum and the minimum amount of the cryptocurrencies in which these are open and close.

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